Open Banking not matching employment


First time using Open Rent as have previously used agents.

I have progressed to referencing with an application however would like opinions on income verification please.

Open Banking transactions on the comprehensive report for income do not match with name of current employer. For example, referee verified work remote (outside ok UK) working as a legal professional for 5+ years says applicant works at “Organisation 1”. However, transactions from open bank show only income from employment from another employer/company based in the UK (hotel work) which applicant is no longer working in due to its location and the property location.

Asked applicant about this they have said they are paid by a credit card and can provide a document. I understand from open rent that open bank is the best way to verify income, and I would like to use this to verify income, which I have asked the potential tenant to do.

The applicants are from Ukraine (right to work/rent etc all provided). I would like experienced open rent landlords’ advice on how you would navigate situations where a tenant cannot verify income via open bank? I am reluctant to use any other verification methods.

Be great to hear thoughts and experiences,

Thank you

Please check everything about references. As I have experienced tenants have prepared fake payslips and also fraud in employment reference from their friend/person they knew. These are professional crook and even the reference company failed to recognise. Just realised once the tenancy contract was signed and they the tenant caused the problems.

Thanks for your thoughts @Prafula sorry to hear you have had such bad experience.

Perhaps I’m right only permitting income verification via open banking as well as other methods, as you mention other avenues are easily exploited.

Open rent hasn’t flagged this as an issue on the comprehensive referencing report and has passed the checks, however I noticed that employer and income source from open banking doesn’t match.

Applicant states they are unable to use open bank as that income is paid into bank outside of UK and they no longer work at the place that was verified as an income.

If that’s you take photo down, don’t identify yourself here

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