OpenRents Concierge Service

As a Landlord new to OpenRent, I am well pleased with its services.
BUT - my tenant tells me that he has used OpenRents Concierge service to swap the electric and water into his name - which IS fine - except I can not find any information about this on the website.
As a Landlord, I like to know what is going on and would welcome information or where to find it - about this or all / ANY services offered by Open Rent to me or to my tenant. Am I missing the page?

Hi Kathy, Thanks for you kind words about our service! Glad to hear OpenRent has worked well for you.

Sure, very happy to provide all info about our services. I’ve just begun a series of posts called ‘Feature Spotlight’ which explain our less-known services, and I think you’ve made a great case for the tenant concierge service being the next feature :slight_smile:

So as you now know, yes we do offer a free concierge service to tenants to make their move-in as smooth as possible. It is entirely optional and simply facilitates decisions that a tenant might want to make. E.g. they may want to change their energy provider, and this service will switch them to a new energy plan for free, doing the application and admin for them.

It is important to note that the service just helps tenants in the case that they wish to achieve one of the tasks the concierge service provides. The service does not make available services that wouldn’t have been otherwise. Whether the tenant spend a few hours setting up a new broadband contract themselves, or used our free concierge service to do it, the existence of the service makes it no more likely that the tenant would change the utility supplies to the property; it just makes it less hassle if they do choose to do so.

We announced the rollout of this feature to landlords in our product update in July last year, but since it is mainly tenant-focused, we have not spoken about it much to landlords since then.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for he speedy reply Sam - I will look out for your Feature Spotlight posts.
Many Thanks

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