Utility bill switch - Openrent concierge service

Hi, my tenants have just moved in and I would normally transfer all utility bills to them but they are saying Openrent’s concierge service have already contacted them and are taking care of this. Why are landlords not being kept in the loop by Openrent? I have no visibility over the concierge process (as they are only dealing with the tenant) and no idea if the correct move-in date, meter readings and forwarding address for the landlord (me) are being used.

Have any other landlords had this issue? Hopefully Openrent is also reading this.

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i Would not accept this. you need meter readings and contact the supply companies YOURSELF so the bills are put in the tenants name. If they are lying you are in trouble.

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Double check with the utility board
I would do it yourself
You don’t want to end up being caught out in lies
You’ll need images of meter readings if they are not smart meters from the day they moved in
Good luck

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Thanks Colin and AA - yes, we took readings at move-in and I fully agree I will need to contact utilities myself to check all in order.

But if Openrent is reading: Openrent, can you please re-think your “tenant concierge service” and involve the landlord as well since the bills you are offering to switch are from landlord to tenant. This will save unnecessary duplication and confusion.

I did have an agent a few years ago who did that with a tenant without my knowledge, as they got a fee from the supply company .It is underhanded no doubt as its not the tenants building its the Landlords building. I never used that agent again out of principle , so in the end they lost out. They still ring up asking can they let a place , but I refuse and I do not tell them why

I have never heard of this service from Open Rent. I hope it isn’t going to become mandatory.

this will not be mandatory . As a landlord has to be involved with anything to do with his property. i use my own lease and so can write in that I have to have the meter readings and infform the utility company of a change It is not possible for Openrent to read the meter only a person at the property can read the CORRECT meter and read it . I will only trust MY reading

Openrent offer it automatically when the tenancy is created via rent now. I dont see it as a problem, all a landlord has to do is notify existing provider who is responsible for Bill’s and meter readings at move in and we can still do this. We can’t create accounts for tenants anyway and it is upto tenants how they set it up and whether they switch provider.

I wouldn’t accept this. It’s the landlord who’s on the hook. I’ve never heard of this service from OpenRent.


that is because they will not ask the landlord. they will say to the tenant "do you want us to sort the utilities for you ". Agents all do it and do not tell the landlord

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Yes, we had exactly this problem. I always take meter readings and contact the utility suppliers anyway, but it was even more relevant when the concierge service used by Openrent, called Just Move, they got the move out dates wrong and messed up the existing tenants wifi, especially tiresome as they have to work from home, plus the council tax bills. However, on three other occasions the concierge service has worked perfectly and tenants seem to like it.

I’ve recently bought a property and was wondering how to go about the utility bill transfer. I have tenants due to move in near the end of the month. Since I bought the place it has been empty and I have no correspondence from the previous owners as to who the utility providers were.

Can anyone advise as to how best to find out who the providers are? Obviously I’ll take meter readings on move-in day but I’m also expecting a small bill for myself (where I’ve visited the property and used a bit of electricity etc.)


It should be provided in the pack your solicitors gave you, it is on the standard property info form. If not then they will write to you shortly assuming the haven’t gone bust…

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Scottish power usually know who

Thanks Richard, I checked my solicitor pack and it just states 'UNKNOWN - TBC; for Gas and Electricity provider’s name. I think gas may have been Avro Energy (who have gone bust yes). Maybe I’ll try scottish power for the electricity as Colin suggests…

I’ve just tried Ofgem. They found the supplier for the downstairs flat but mines not listed yet.
It was only converted from a terraced house in the 1970’s

ENA looks better they have freephone numbers for network operators if you can’t find what your looking for with Ofgem.