Ordered EICR via OpenRent - no show

Can you confirm if you can get someone to the property by Wednesday as the service I ordered via OpenRent was supposed to be today between 12-16:00. No one has shown up or responded to my message.
If this cannot be rebooked for tomorrow or Wednesday I will need an immediate refund so I can organise myself. I have a tenant moving in and need the certificate.

Don’t assume a quick “pass”, it may require significant remedial work whoever you use.

It’s a new build and only just over the 5 years so I think it’ll be ok but will arrange to get anything I need done quickly outside of OpenRent. Unfortunately this hasn’t been a great experience.

I find my own electrician and gas engineer , epc etc

Yep. I’ll be doing that going forward!

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I’d be surprised if a 5 year old house wasn’t satisfactory - so if it comes back unsatisfactory ,post on here and I’ll give you an honest opinion from a sparky point of view


Neelix Does a new house automatically have a longer elec cert. issued ,right from the start ?

I also booked an EICR almost 2 weeks ago and haven’t even had anyone contact me about an appointment date! How do i go about getting the money i paid refunded? Not a great start to my first experience of Openrent.

No. In the case of a new home or rewire, an EIC (electrical installation certificate) is acceptable, and this would be for the first 5 years

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Unfortunately I have not found the additional services offered by Openrent to be reliable or of good quality. One EPC I ordered a few years ago was performed by a teenager who took about 15 mins to assess a 3 bedroom flat. For comparison, I recently used a local company specialising in EPCs and they took 45-50 mins to assess a smaller sized 2 bed property.

Similar issue when I tried to book an EICR; no one accepted my request, and I was promptly refunded after cancelling it, so I suggest you cancel it from your side or contact Openrent directly to do so. Note that Openrent won’t reschedule the appointment as it’s a third party providing the service. Openrent are merely handling payments. I always find my own tradespeople / electricians etc. local FB groups often have recommendations.

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Thank you Neelix that’s very kind

I contacted via the help form and asked for a refund. It was processed pretty quickly


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated. An electrician has recently been in touch and made an appointment for today so we will see how it goes. Thanks again.

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