Our Managment company director & secretary selling /how to get the new ones to take on role

Hello. I’m one of 5 owners but live away and rent it. The two flats that run our Management company are selling. It’s just to send in accounts each year, pay the insurance and electricity . The other two owners are useless and live away but don’t even pay their bills. How do I ensure the new buyers become the director and Secetrary ? Thanks for advice

I dont see how you can. The current sellers may choose to disclose this information and advise it, but I dont see how anything can be enforced.

What’s stopping you taking positions on?

I’m hoping I don’t have to take on the role as I live away from it and just hoped new buyers would take it on. Ideally you need to different independent owners to be the director and then the secretary. We have an absent owner in Spain who inherited the flat which is not rented out and just laying to waste slowly ( as he lost tenants due to damp( but it was only condensation as my flat is opposite and I sort exactly this issue and have lovely tenants) Thanks for your reply .

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