Painting issue not my fault

I’m a current tenant 4 years we have handed our 1 month notice to leave the day before new 1 year contract due to £250 increase in rent
The issue I need help on the walls were all cheap trade white emulsion if you wipe the walls the paint comes off
But we painted 3 walls grey which I know we have to paint white so yesterday I painted them first coat I went back up to paint second coat only to find the wall were covered in large bubbles the paint was dry I went to touch the bubble but to my horror it all started to peel off like wallpaper big chunks over 3 foot long 2–3 foot wide the whole wall was stripped with bright shiny magnolia paint my white my grey his white all gone off the walls.
I called a painter he said the walls were either egg shell or oil based paint and the landlord should have sealed correctly before painting white
I called my landlord who has said I now have to zinseer the walls size the walls lining paper the walls and paint white or loose my £980 deposit
Help in lawful answers please I need that deposit for next property

If’s its all pealed off, presumably you are back to bare plaster. In which case, I would just re-emulsion, potentailly with a slightly watered down first coat to help adhesion.

However, if you dont do what Landlord requests, you may have a dispute on your hands. It will be for the deposit schemes arbitration to decide about how much of your deposit is released / withheld. You may win, you may loose.

Would it not be easier to buy what he suggests, stick it to the wall, take photos, keep receipts, and relax knowing he has then made the decision, which you have carried out & then relax knowing the Landlord cannot argue about the deposit.

Did you ever have permission to paint the walls? I would go nuts if a tenant painted walls without getting my consent first.

Good to hear a leaving tenant doing redecorating. Recently had two tenants leave, one was a great tenant the other never let me in , even in sewerage next door emergency one got full refund the other didn’t , a first for me but re decs cost £3500 it was that bad after 3 years from a new house Neither re decorated. When you move into next property look carefully at decs take ur own pics and date stamp

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I have been renting for 8 years and now my landlord is requesting I redecorate the whole flat. I will repair all the holes from pictures and given a lick of paint where needed, but I don’t think I should do a full paint job. What is the legal obligation as a tenant? The paint is also crumbling in places and there are small cracks here and there

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You dont need to redecorate the property. The landlord cant force you to and will lose if he tries, especially after 8 years.


You need to request return of the deposit when you leave and then refuse deductions from the deposit when the deposit scheme contact you. They will mediate the dispute and you’ll win.

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