Pass in conjunction with other applicants

Hi. Has anybody letted out to a a couple of people with one not passing affordability (pass in conjunction with other applicants) female income from self employment is very low just over 12k which is not even equal combined affordability for the rent.
Seen her bank statements and hardly any earnings coming in. The first applicant who passed in sending her a lot of money each month to pay her expenses etc
She has no tax return to look at and when I questioned the male he said she gets a lot of cash in hand work.
He’s very pushy constantly messaging me for decision on letting the property or give him his deposit back.

He also lied by saying his gross income from referencing was after tax and not gross income.
My gut instinct in they will be problematic if I let to them.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Go with your gut instinct.

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You really need to ask?

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The passing in conjunction with another tenant on referencing is normal. What is not normal or acceptable is the lying from the tenant. The breach in trust alone would be enough for me to reject these tenants, regardless of whether they passed their affordability checks with flying colours or not. Go with your gut instinct.


I don’t believe you owe them their deposit back because T lied and mislead you about his finances.

Sounds like the beginning of a really miserable time if you went ahead.