Potential tenants- advice

Need advice please -potential tenants have passed affordability checks but told to “proceed with caution”
as no references were given ( they both live separately with friends and family so no rental history)

They have a two month old baby but it seems the mum has worked through pregnancy, birth and the last two months??

Neither can afford the whole amount on their own.

Very brief bank statement showing several OD issues.

Finally the tenant is Jamaican - I have a copy of his passport but how do I know he has a right to live and work in the Uk?

Sorry if any of this is obvious? Thank you in advance for your help .

Being overdrawn would be a big problem for me.

I like to see savings of some sort.

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it is one thing to live apart and then to live together . Lots break up… As Mark says overdrawn? Live with friends and family , on the cheap or no rent? now have to find rent?

Good morning, if you have a look online for “right to rent share code”, he should be able to quickly obtain one for you, and using that code + his date of birth, you’d have access to his right to rent details. I hope that’s of some help :relieved:

That’s really helpful. Thank you so much.

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Ask for 6 months bank statements showing income and outgoings

I often use Openrent’s referencing and it always has “proceed with caution” on every applicant, even ones where they comfortably pass all criteria, so I think this is just standard wording.

You can ask for a guarantor if you want to be extra cautious.

The referencing process would normally have checked for the right to rent as part of the referencing, but for peace of mind, it’s good practice to check yourself. This would be a Home Office issued share code and their DOB that you can enter online to check their status.

Thank you so much. Really helpful advice.