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I have a couple interested in my property. They are expecting a child and seem undecided that Mum will go back to work. As a couple they earn enough but when I request references would it be wise to just credit check the Dad on the basis that Mum will be on Mat leave etc. Even if she goes back to work, I suppose I would need to take into account nursery fees to determine affordability etc. How have other people managed this please? Also is it acceptable to ask for 3 months of bank statements so that you can see income and outgoings etc?

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Yes check out that one income will be ok… I would ask for 3 months . Its your property.

As Colin3 says, check out affordability on one income. Reference both tenants though. Asking for bank statements is normal.

Bear in mind the property should be suitable for the young family otherwise you may have problems down the line. Issues I’ve had include push chairs stored in the communal staircase which is also a fire escape, damp from extra drying of clothes. I’ve had to refuse many people because you just know the place isn’t big enough or suitable for children.

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Tony very true on prams. We have to keep the common areas clutter free .I put up signs to that effect. I also encourage tenants to give a spare key to a nearby relative, or stash it in a safe place. in case they lock themselves out. You dont want to have to go along to let them in if you do not live nearby.

Yep. I use KeySafe boxes so there is a spare key securely stored outside.


What a good idea Tony!

Ask them for a Guarantor, in fact, ask Every tenant for a Gurantor !

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Common practice is to reference all registered tenants. What would happen if dad leaves mum and baby to fend for themselves? Unfortunately, these things happen. I would ask for a guarantor for mum.

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If you take them on then you will have an increased liability for the health and safety of their new baby so do take that obligation seriously. We had the “your damp flat made our baby ill” routine pulled on us when the tenants started drying baby clothes inside the flat which made it mouldy. Humidity readings were about 80% and they also tried to claim for their clothes. Consider including advice about avoiding damp in your welcome pack and ensure you can prove you served it.

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