Paying rent by Direct Debit

My tenant, for various reasons has had 3 late payments over an 9 month period due to changing jobs, sickness and bank holiday delays. She wants to start paying by direct debit straight to OpenRent. Can anyone advise how to do this please?

You can’t easily recieve a direct debit if you’re a very small landlord - you’d need to go through an acquirer & it will cost money; - she can set up a standing order that would do much the same thing from her point of view & less hassle from yours. She can set it up & forget about it with her bank.

I’m not sure if Open rent accept direct debits

Why wouldn’t she just set up a standing order into your account. Has the same function.

Openrent does have rent collection but I think you need to choose that from the beginning when you set up the tenancy.

Why does she think a direct debit is any better? If she doesn’t have the money a DD won’t make a difference.

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