Would you let to us

Hi all am after some advice here goes bear with it’s quite long winded
Following the breakdown in my marriage in 2020 I moved in with my elderly disabled father he lives in.a small 2 bed bungalow that is HA owned (Regenda) and I am now his carer as well due to his deteriorating health
I have checked with the HA and they have said when anything happens to dad I am not permitted to continue living in this property as it is a bungalow for over 55s/disabled (I’m 47 currently) they have said they will find me somewhere however it could be literally anywhere as they have properties all over the Northwest
I am in receipt of Universal Credit and at the.moment Carer’s Allowance (obviously once dad isn’t here that will cease) and have some monies (not a fantastic amount but enough for a year or so rent) saved up
Also I have a new partner that would be looking at moving with me she is 52 and has rented her own place for 12 years she works full time and earns approx £1800 a month take home however she is in the process of clearing an IVA aquired due to being conned some 5 years ago (just waiting for a settlement figure to pay it off but will still show on credit file)I have adverse credit from.10+ years ago a clear score rating of 429 and a Clearscore affordability of 94 out of 100
Obviously I am unable to get a reference from.a landlord my partner probably can from her HA though and I am able to get personal references
We are both more than happy to make any and all bank statements and affordability proofs available to any potential landlord
We are in a position to pay some monies (a few months rent) upfront however due to our ages and family circumstances (both sets of parents are living in rented accommodation now due to disabilities) would NOT be able to provide a guarantor
I would like to say we are both hardworking trustworthy mature people who would respect and property we are tenants of
Neither of us smoke
We don’t have any pets
So I suppose my question would be… would any landlords POTENTIALLY let to us based on this information
Is there anything else you would require from us?
Just asking so we can get everything in place ready for when we need to move

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Whether or not a LL would rent to you will depend on the other applicants. What will help is being up front, as you have been here, about any negative factors; debts satisfied; LL reference for your partner & the ability to pay 6 months up front.

Ultimately you are asking someone to take quite a big leap of faith when there may be other people without your history & in the current market that is quite a big ask. Good luck.

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I would not…

You have bad credit and poor income

Your partner, whom you’ve not lived with, have a bad credit history.

You can put down a few months’ rent… Not enough to offset the huge risk

this could be some time off, that you need to move as you now a carer. Just be upfront with any landlord as to your circumstances. Maybe the rental market will improve , tho that is a big ask

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