Pets in Lets, the never ending discussion

You sound very respectful and genuine, my former partner was in fact in same situation so I sympathise, she had to lower her standards unfortunately to get a property.

I wish I could offer some advise to help other than visiting all agents face to face so they can see you as an individual and not an anonymous name or voice. Get them to trust you. You could also offer to pay a higher rent and volunteer guarantor.

Good luck. There will always be something!


Thank you. Appreciate that. :slightly_smiling_face:

Brought my lotto ticket for tonight. Solid back up plan Lol.


I second Mark 10 words to you


Mark, despite your very best attempts to advise this misguided soul you will never get them to appreciate they are applying to live in someone’s property that they don’t own which they should have clearly given thought about owning an animal in their situation before they embarked on a crusade of expecting Landlords to take responsibility for it

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Well Cath it may be unnecessary in your opinion but the cap fits perfectly, enjoy wearing it!

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Firstly… I’d love to stay where I am but being given a section 21 no fault eviction after 13 years, 2 dogs, please explain to me what to do. Nearly 2 months in and still don’t have a home, council have nothing and due to a spinal injury I Receive housing benefit, so in your obvious wisdom, go find me somewhere to live now that landlords have put prices up by about £400pcm for something similar. Really Geoff, are you that blinkered?


A government forced problem.


I didn’t say it was a landlord problem, it’s all a government created problem.


Hi Yvonne, as with all tenants who decide to have pets you have handicapped yourself simply by owning animals…… This was your choice and now your twisting the blame onto the Landlords because the majority of us prefer not to offer a home to a tenant with the pets that you chose to have. Why are we been persecuted, we own the property? Surely we have the right to choose which applicant to offer a home to and a tenant without a pet is generally a lot less hassle to a Landlord than a tenant with a pet in tow.
So while you vent your frustration at the situation your in I really have little sympathy with the problem that you alone have created.
The bottom line is if you don’t own your home, don’t expect other people to take responsibility for housing your pets!


Yvonne, Why should I find you somewhere to live ? Why is it suddenly the responsibility of a landlord to resolve your problem? You created the issue it’s down to you to solve it


I know it’s not much help but some landlords do interview prospective tenants and are open to finding a good match personality wise as well as on paper.

Just keep trying as hard and disheartening as it is.

As some people on here have advised you can look on the Land Registry to find an owner of a property although have to pay a small fee.

If there was something that really caught your eye you could contact the owner directly but obviously if they have handed it to an agent they probably want them to deal with things so may not be productive.

Good luck
Mrs T

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Behave yourself.

People have children and in my experience they do a lot more damage than my dogs. So don’t saddle yourself with children?

As a model tenant who’s landlord of 13 years allowed us to have pets at the very start of our tenancy. We asked formally in writing. The home had originally been his family home and they had dogs. Current circumstances and the market have made things difficult. Just last year we had a chat and he said the place was ours for as long as we wanted it but like I said, circumstances have changed.

I think you’re confusing me with some irresponsible landlord hating tenant, which I’m not.

I spoke to one landlord who’s tenants had used the living room carpet to do an oil change on a motorbike and took the kitchen floor when they left. That’s a bit more troublesome than a bit of dog piss on a laminate floor.

Your venomous comments really aren’t relevant to our situation.

Have a nice day and calm down.

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And may I add, personally I think the new legislation sucks and has made it worse for landlords and tenants alike. It can’t be upheld…it adds pressure to landlords who don’t want pets in their properties for VALID reasons or if they’ve had a bad experience previously with irresponsible pet owners. I’m just not enjoying your delivery…

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I think that comment is absolutely disgusting and you shouldn’t be aloud to write that post!

Its ok to have an opinion but to say everyone who has a pet should go and buy, not everyone knows how to buy, has the funds to buy and even if they did what is wrong with someone wanting to rent a property with a pet. Alot of people becoming homeless is down to landlords like yourself.

Fine you are totally against pets and animals by the sounds of it but you dont have to put your negative energy onto others.

If absolutely every landlord said no to pets where it is nearly going as theres so many out there animals would be roaming the streets or taken away from their owners.

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Do you believe a landlord should have the choice as to whether they allow pets (dogs and cats)?

If you were a landlord, would you choose the high risk tenant or low risk, (realising that a landlord has zero comeback if a tenant does not repair the damage a dog or cat does, a capped 5 week deposit does not cover it) ?


So you don’t like an opposing point of veiw, you believe people should all think the same as you?


I agree the subject has been done to death and I do find Jeff’s comments fairly disgusting. But then so are the comments by people claiming that all landlords are greedy bastards. You’re both not worth listening to. There are good and bad tenants. There are good and bad landlords. As I’ve stated over and over again I had to become a landlord because of my disabilities I could no longer work in my job and I was on benefits believe it or not. I want a case against my employer for employment discrimination and was given a lump sum of money which I invested immediately into property. That will never replace me having a job I loved. I don’t wanna be a landlord it’s a shit job no matter how hard I try , and my places are immaculate and they have all the amenities in there and they look like they have come out of architectural digest some tenants will complain about anything. This Is my only income. It’s how I live. I don’t have to claim benefits anymore but at times I’ve been practically on the breadline because of all the money that I put into properties to make it nice places for people to live. I’m not kidding you last year I was living off about £600 a month, maybe not even that much when you take out other costs such as Electical Certification is et cetera. It took two years for me to get one property up and running and which I had absolutely no income except for two flats which totalled about £1400 a month. You start deducting all the cost of maintaining these and I was seriously down to £600 a month to live off of., Stop blaming landlords please stop tarnishing landlords with the same brush please. And stop doing the same with tenants. This is a really stupid thread. I did say yes to pets on one occasion and my flat was left stinking for months. The only way would allow someone to have a car as if I did regular inspections, but with my health issues I don’t have time to do that kind of thing


It just seems that a tenant only sees things from their perspective, and is unable to comprehend another.

A landlord is in the best position to be able to judge, whereas a responsible tenant who isn’t a landlord isn’t. Because you are decent doesn’t mean the majority are. A landlord bases their opinion on actual experience. The buck stops with them. A tenant can just walk away.

Life is all about choosing the least risky option, generally.


Also, just because you’re a decent person doesn’t mean you keep an animal to the standard the landlord would like to have in the property. I was screwed. This was a couple that claimed to have a combined income of nearly £80,000. The woman did extra work as a cat sitter and assured me that she was a very good cat mom. She even supplied a cat reference from her previous managing agent. But The place I loved before was a bit of a dump. I know this cause I know where they lived, and weirdly happened to know the landlord.

Yvonne, your entitled to your opinion but my comments are relevant and reflect not all but most Landlords reaction towards pets.
The response your receiving from professional Landlords is what I would expect. Nobody knows you or your animal on a note personal level and therefore we throw a barrier of caution in-front as proven in the past the tenant can tell us absolutely anything to get hold of the keys to the door
If I had placed a small wager against every tenants claim that their animal was a model pet in every respect I would have retired a wealthy man, the truth is nobody really believes a word you or any other pet owners say and the risk element is c just too high