Physical Viewings: Can I legally go ahead?

We have a couple of rental properties, one of which has been empty for the last few weeks as the Tenants moved out at the end of their contract.

We have advertised on openrent and have 15 interested parties wanting to view the property.
We live 60 miles away from the property. As we have been following the lockdown rules carefully, we haven’t driven back to the house, so at this time we don’t have a video tour we can share with prospective tenants.

In light of the ‘stay alert’ message of yesterday, I’m keen to drive to the house, do a video tour and potentially return the next day, so potential tenants who I send the virtual tour to, can come for a viewing.

Assuming I provide hand sanitiser (for use before and after the viewing) and the potential tenants conduct the viewing themselves whilst i wait outside. LEGALLY can I go ahead?

If so, I’ll start to message these potential tenants to get a gauge of whether they would be happy to view.
I’m very reluctant to rent the house without a physical viewing, purely so there’s no problems after the move. I can imagine people using it to their advantage to reduce the rent etc.

So again, LEGALLY, can I go ahead?


yes. It is NOT illegal to rent out a property

Hi Ian, here is an update on the lockdown and the lettings industry: