Right to do a viewing if no reply from tenant after giving 24 hours notice

I’ve got some problem tenants whom I’ve now got a possession order against. However I have 2 sets of new tenants who want to view the house and potentially take it. I’ve given my tenants more than 24 hours notice of the viewings. On this text message (which has always been our main mode of contact) I also advised them to come back to me urgently if they have any issue with me going ahead with the outlined viewings. If I do not get a refusal from them that they do not accept me doing these viewings am I legally allowed to proceed? I believe that I have given the correct 24 hours notice & have advised them accordingly. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this.

Hi Declan, does your tenancy agreement also have a term to the effect of ‘The tenant must not refuse the landlord reasonable access to the property in the last two months of the tenancy for the purpose of conducting viewings’? If so, then you are in a strong position.


Yes it’s an OpenRent created tenancy and it has this stated. Thanks so much for the reassurance here. It is really SO HELPFUL. Also this is a super forum and a great source of information. Well done OpenRent.

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