Planning fee charge for install RCD?

Just reading the council website, it talks about all the electrical works carried out needs council approval and need to apply a building control application?
Even install a RCD spur switch (if it’s in the kitchen or bathroom)
With the application then you will pay a fee. There’s no detail of how much the fee is on the website. But when I look at other council website, normally the fee is in hundreds.(>£200)
That sounds ridiculous, that’s similar cost of my remedial work of EICR…Hope someone had experience of this can shine a light on it…when I asked the electrician about it, he said he will fill a minor work application to council.
Do I still need to apply to the building control?

It’s not normal to do electrical works requiring council approval if your electrician gives you a Part P building certificate
Maybe it is your LA but I have never applied for permission to do electrical works
They only come in to certify works if your electrician can’t give you a certificate
Is this an ex council house?


surely this is on NEW building works , ?there is not a chance that the building inspector will have the qualifications to vet an electrical installation

It’s not ex-council house. The wording on their website sounds it applies to every house…maybe I mis-read?

Are you doing new works or repairs?

Before you do works I would just speak to them hypothetically about what is required

Just to install a RCBO for bathroom lighting, as the EICR suggested.
The fuse box is in the kitchen. Electrician was saying install a RCD spur switch next to the fuse box

Thank you both, emailed council…Their switch board has no real person, just call back services. Though speak to the original EICR provider (landlord certificate) They are saying no need to inform council, not till the remedial work is done. Then If I feel the need, I can let the council know.

Usually, your Electrician will be a member of a Competent Person Scheme (e.g. NICEIC, NAPIT, etc.) and he’ll notify the Scheme (where applicable) after carrying out certain works.
That Scheme (is approved to and) will issue Bldg Regns Cert. of Compliance for the work at your property directly to its member, who in turn should issue it to you. Some new works can just be done on a Minor Electrical Installation Works Certificate - others may require a Domestic Electrical Installation Certificate (which you should pass on whenever selling the house).
Per The Electrical Competent Persons Scheme Operators Ltd Register, it allows individuals to self-certify that their work complies with Building Regulations.
You can check whether your Electrician is registered as a i) Dom. Installer and/or ii) an Approved Contractor - and which scheme they’re reg’d with -

As at Jan. 2020, the current standard spec. is BS7671:2018, w.e.f. 1/9/20, per Building Regs. Schedule 1, Part P.
Notifiable work incs: Replacement Consumer Unit (Fuse Box) / Installation of new circuits / work in special locations, e.g. bathroom/shower.
Non-Notifiable work - additions/alterations to existing installations, including spurs, etc.

Your specific work may be one of those “grey” areas? but his Scheme Operator could advise if you contact them?