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Plumbing problem

There is plumbing problem in our current property and we are struggling with it since 2 weeks now. Water flow is really low that we can’t even wash hands properly. 3 plumbers have already visited our property however they could not find the root cause. Now the agent and landlord are not paying attention to it but problem is still not resolved.
Can I do something legally?

Contact your local water board who you pay your bill to

Thanks for replying Colin, I have already done that. They checked the pressure outside and told me there is no issue from their end.

if you have had 3 plumbers out that is strange .The kitchen tap is usually the first point of entry. so if the pressure is bad there, then its in the pipe fom outside .maybe its been damaged, or there is a foreign body in the pipe, or a really bad leak ,but usually the waterboard are good at finding leaks. Give the problem firmly to the landlord

Tell the landlord/agent that if they don’t address the issue within the next 7 days, you will be forced to involve the Environmental Health Officer at the Council.

If you have a water meter keep a record of the usege and then ask your Water Board if there is excessive use which would indicate a leak