PO box address on AST

Can anyone confirm if using a po box address on AST and on Section 21 or 48 papers is compliant?

I believe that it is permissible under s48 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1987 to use a PO box as the address at which notices can be served on the landlord. I think this would mean that it is possible to use that address on the AST and s21 notice. You may want to check this point with a Solicitor if you wish to rely on it.

A landlord is, however, obliged to give the tenant separately details of their actual address, wherever that may be, by virtue of s3 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985.

There is nothing in the legislation which states that the address cannot be a P O Box address. However, it would be better to use an occupied address where post is collected on a regular basis. The law does state that the tenant is provided with an address where notices may be served on the landlord. It is usually better to provide your residential home address as mail will definitely be reached there.

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If a tenant gave me a PO box that would be the last he saw of me. Likewise if a landlord did so … Goodbye

Reason for query is down to when things get sticky. As i am finding out. To keep them at arms length so to speak. There’s no reason for a tenant to attend a landlords address, but they do. Safer if you catch my drift.

You’re still legally obliged to give them your address under s3 and they tenant may also request the address under separate legislation and you are obliged to give it within 28 days.

To be honest, its practically impossible to stop them finding out these days. They can spend £3 to find it at the Land Registry and if you’ve registered with the ICO, (which all landlords are supposed to do), they publish the register online. Likewise, the Council publish a register of all landlord licence holders online.

Notice they can find out about us thru the council, but you try asking the council about a tenant !

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It’s doesn’t achieve anything, the Post Office will disclose the actual address linked to a PO Box if asked.

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