Potential tenants run business for Homecare Support living

Dear Good Samaritan LL,

My potential tenants run business for Homecare Support living for (Dementia, Learning disabilities, Personal care, Physical disabilities, Caring for adults under/over 65yrs, rehab for alcohol, drugs addict recovery).

What are the Hidden Hazards and Pitfall providing the house for the director of the business company? Apparently, they don’t have any guarantor should their business goes on administration.

As a LL, what the other legislative rule and policy i need to adhere with other than providing to a normal family tenant moving in?

Thank you all in advance.


Is this a rent to rent or just a rental for a person with a job with a business?
Taking on self employed you need to look at their accounts for the business and bank statements to ensure they live within their means.
Have they been paying rent to the previous landlord.
I would not take them without a guarantor.

If you are renting to a company there are different rules than renting to an individual.

For renting to an individual there are plenty of threads on here about vetting. Read them.

As for renting to a business - you can do fixed term leases where they pay all rent for each period up front I believe, which should minimise your risks. If they cannot pay one year’s rent up front they won’t have enough cash flow to run the business I don’t think.

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If you need more advice, tell us who is intending to rent: individuals in their own names, or in the name of their business.

If as individuals, treat them as individuals, not as directors, and if worried, ask for six months of personal current account bank statements, only because they are self employed and not employed by a ‘big company’.

You need to establish if they are running the business from home and if so how often and what time of day do visitors turn-up, as you have a duty of care not to disturb your neighbours excessively. Also, if they intend to use noisy tools (printers, etc) and when, so as not to disturb neighbours in the evening and at night. You can think of other possible concerns.

Thank you all for your prompt reply.

All of your advice and suggestion you’ve provided are very meaningful and helpful. Point noted and i have requested my potential tenant to provide me with supporting docs in order to move forward from this point onward.

you want to make sure all they are doing is admin from home you do not want any “customers” there as well

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If you use Rentgaurd make sure they get tax returns, SA302’s etc. AND BE SURE REFERENCES are not from
FAMIKY members or from co-directors. They really buggered up my current AST and I will be taking them to court. And ditto, put a clause in saying clients can not visit premises. It’s not fair to other residents. If it’s a detached house, use your common sense & get advice!! I used to live next door to a brothel. Thank his they were evicted. You don’t want to be in that situation. Tenants will say anything to get a contract. Do your research. Saying that most people are honest & good tenants. You just do not want to be in a bad situation. And RBI’s working from home nowadays so just find iut if it’s only phone & computer work or more. Even the phone work can be very disturbing to other tenants. I have a property where flat below is seriously loud & refuses to use headphones so my tenabt has to endure what is like an extremely loud conversation ALL DAY LONG!! Be sure to safeguard tenants around your flat. It’s your duty to not cause a nuisance to others

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