New LandLord - No show of viewings

Out of 6 viewings booked today, only one showed up, one left a message saying they could not find it and one of the enquiries kindly let me know they had to cancel and apologies, which is fine but is there a way to leave a comment for these enquiries if they do not show up?

It is a massive waste of time for me personally, and I think I will have to leave to the agents at the end of this week, can not see any point on this platform really if there is no such monitoring process for potential tenants ?

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No shows are the nature of the beast.
I give the tenant my number on the message board .
I tell them to call 30 minutes before the appointment.

I don’t give them the full address until that confirmation so I know they don’t know where to go if they don’t call so I know they are not serious applicants!

Estate agents also confirm viewings as tenants no show with agents too. On this platform you just have to do it yourself.

do group viewings on weekends, not individual appointments. I just have a 2-hour slot people can come to if they want, but I had too many no-shows to do that again.

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Personally, I haven’t had a major problem with no shows, and must now have rented 12 properties through Openrent.

Are you engaging in much communication beforehand, pre-screeing etc, or just inviting anyone? I do engage with them first to be sure they would qualify, so if they get through that, they have perhaps ‘invested’ more in the process, and are more likely to turn up.

That said of course, Openrent is there for Landlords who wish to self-manage, and that includes dealing with time-wasters. If you don’t want to do it, pay the agent to do so.

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I’ve not had issues with no shows either. As for group viewings, I prefer to see people one on one because while they’re viewing the house (and no doubt me too) I’m very def viewing them and looking for that connection which means we’ll get along. Hard to do that if I have more than one applicant in the property at once. One on one also means I can ask them more detailed questions about their own life too.

I like the idea of ringing 30 mins before to confirm and get address off me. I might well use that as it takes me 30 mins to drive to any of our properties and will save me a journey if they don’t ring.