Viewings Dashboard: No shows

Hi Open Rent,
When prospective tenants book a viewing - if they don’t show [either with notice or without] the dashboard still reflects ‘Had a Viewing’ - is there a way to reflect that prospective tenants were ‘No Shows - without notice’ or ‘Viewing Cancelled’??


I have been sat here this morning and 3 out of 3 viewing appointments confirmed by text and phone have not showed up or bothered to tell me they aren’t coming. There needs to be a mechanism for Landlords to give feedback visible to all when this happens. Disrespectful of my time.

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In such instances you can reject the enquiries all together or make use of the ‘Private Notes’ tab to add in your own comments (viewable only to landlords).

One thing we recommend all landlords doing (if they aren’t already) is booking viewings using the enquiries page:

The tenant is then notified of the booking details you enter, as well as receiving a reminder around 2 hours before the scheduled viewing time. They also have a facility to cancel the viewing, which you would get notified of.

There is no charge for using this facility, and it typically reduces the number of no-shows.

We don’t currently have a tenant feedback feature though this is something the team have discussed, so we’ll take on board your feedback.

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Another no show today for me. Wish there was a way to blacklist people. I think people are not taking openrent as seriously as a high st estate agents unfortunately

I agree. Perhaps Open Rent could at least mirror the same process as operated by High Street estate agents to stop this behaviour and require prospective viewers to provide suitable ID direct to Open Rent [not the landlord obviously for DPA/GDPR reasons] And then Open Rent could maintain a list of persistent offenders and ‘block’ any future applications to view.
As a first step though it would be useful to have a ‘No Show’ button on the Open Rent platform so OR could gauge the level of nuisance.

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Thanks for this feedback, it’s really useful. As I’m sure you understand, we have to be extremely careful if we’re thinking about blacklisting tenants.

@Kate , @Stephanie and @Matthew_and_Francesc could you send us a message here to tell us which tenants didn’t show up? (It’s worth mentioning this thread when you do so.) This will help us understand the problem.

Thanks Maurice,
I’ve sent the list of no shows as requested.

If Open Rent could require prospective tenants to register and to provide their current address and formal photo ID before being eligible to make an enquiry/book a viewing - it would I think deter people who have nothing else better to do. If the enquiry is genuine then this wouldn’t put people off.
If you could amend the dashboard so that landlords can change the status to ‘viewed’ or ‘no show’ that would be a good starting point as currently the system assumes a viewing has taken place after the appointed date and time.



I had 10 viewings booked and confirmed through open rent for Sat. I live 2.5hrs away from the property so want to do it in one hit. By 6pm 9 no shows and very disillusioned with open rent. Prev used estate agent and no shows not a problem, possibly because they pre screened clients. Agree that a viewing no show button/history in open rate would at least make us landlords feel like we can do something as at times it feels very stacked against us.

I think block viewings put people off.

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