Previous tenant still has access to my new rental

My landlord and I signed contracts on 3rd June for our property, to move into on 9th June. On 5th June, we were asked by the landlord if we wanted a sofa that the previous tenant had left behind which we declined as the property was advertised as unfurnished. Yesterday, on 8th June, we received a set of keys, the inventory and other documents which included a picture of the sofa still in the property. I then asked the landlord whether the sofa had been removed, in which they said the previous tenant would remove the sofa that afternoon and post his set of keys through the door (bearing in mind, this tenant had moved out over a week ago.) Our tenancy started today and we went into the property to find the sofa still there and no keys posted through the door. I informed the landlord in which they said they were chasing the previous tenant and that a colleague would collect the keys from him and post them through the door. They’ve still not been posted. I will report to OpenRent tomorrow and request the locks be changed asap if they’re not able to get keys but what is the likely outcome? I feel very uncomfortable living in a house that a random man has access to and am quite concerned that I’ve screwed myself over without realising, as now I don’t have much hope in the competence of the landlord to deal with maintenance issues either (the windows don’t open which was also not disclosed, the gutters are blocked, the house wasn’t cleaned etc).

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at least change the locks yourself ?

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