Properties never seen in my searchs before saying let

Im looking for a pet friendly placd in bognor regis

I havs numerous varaitions of searches set up but ive moticed propweties that are just what im after that have never showed up in any if them …then i check again and they show up having been let !

Its very frustrating and heartbreaking to be honest

How and why does this happen ? Doea anyone know ?

Also if anyone reading rhis is a landlord that has a pet friendly local oroperty id love to hear from you p!ease

Kind regards zarah

Not sure why it happens, but I have the search set for properties for sale, and noticed the same thing - they appear marked as sold. Something underhand is going on. Maybe, you should go to brick and mortar offices of these agencies. It may be that they want more money as a one-off payment but, of course, unofficially. Something dodgy is going on and the only way to get the property is to join in the game (whatever it is they’re playing).

Its probably just that estate agents offer properties to registered tenants before the marketing goes live. Eg if property A has 5 offers from good tenants they may offer the unsuccessful 4 tenants a viewing on property B before it is marketed and can therefore be let before advertised. It then goes on the portals as let agreed as it looks good for estate agents to have properties as let agreed.

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