All of them are already let

Where I am in Grays all of them are already let ‘let agreed’. There is not enough why arte they there is they as ‘not longer Available for Rent’ ?


Hi there! Let me just share our thinking on this topic, since we’re always open to feedback on how to improve.

Whenever a property becomes unavailable on OpenRent, we instantly ‘take it down’ i.e. mark it as not available on our site. For a few weeks, in some areas, these properties will still pop on our map search, but they’re clearly labelled as not available.

Lots of letting agents keep good properties live even when they’ve been let, so that tenants will get in touch, and then they can direct them to other, less good properties that aren’t let yet. We don’t do that because we think that is very frustrating for tenants searching for a home. We mark them as unavailable straight away instead.

So why do we keep some on the map as unavailable? In an area with few rental properties, showing previously let properties allows tenants to see what kind of properties exist in that area, and how much they’ve be let for. This is useful information, and by clearly labeling them as not available, we make sure no one can waste time enquiring for them.

This won’t happen in areas like Manchester, London, etc., where there are always enough live properties for tenants to get a good idea of the area without displaying previously let ones.

Another aspect to this is that if properties ‘disappear’ without us marking them as let, then tenants would wonder what had happened to them and if they were still available. Marking them as let makes it clear to tenants the status of the property, for tenants who had seen that property listed before.

I hope this helps!



Thx, think that makes sense.

What should i do if i see a place I like?

Hi Judy,

If it’s available, you can just click the ‘book viewing’ button on the property’s page on our site! You’ll then get the arrange a viewing directly with the landlord.

Best of luck finding a new place.