Property repairs

Hi All,

I rented a 2 bed 2 bath and after a few months, the tenants complained of a leak. The leak has been found and fixed however the leak has damaged the floor, carpets and a bathroom that is bei g repaired. The repairs have taken a bit of while around 6 weeks to coordinate and finalise as the damaged involved other flats aswell and i have had to get the sites managenement team invved who has gotten insurance involved.

The tenants are asking for compensation. They still have use kf the flat. Am i bound to compensate them for any inconvenience?


Wouldn’t you expect to be compensated for it? I would. They’re paying a certain amount for a flat in a certain condition. If it’s less for no fault of their own then they should be compensated.

Good news is, your insurance might have a clause for that.

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They can claim their damages from their insurance policy

No entitlement to compensation. If they were inconvenienced you might offer a small goodwill gesture but it’s up to you.