Purchase property with floor that is not quite level

i found a property in a Victorian terrace that has 4 floors that were split into flats on each floor.

the one i took an interest is on a second floor and the floor does not quite level. I appreciate people understand this as a common feature with old houses, but do I need to take extra caution or action regarding to those issues? and how?

Depends how bad the slope is. I’d get a couple of quotes from joiners.
My flat has a sloping bathroom floor. I lived with it for years & my tenant hasn’t mentioned it but I will get it done when the flat is refurbished.

i bought a whole house like this .I levelled up the floors and ceilings ,timber floors . no probs. Sold it ok.The house I live in now , a200 yr old mill house has a sloping upstairs floor with no cracks in the walls . . Check if any structural cracks outside. Even so structures can be repaired