R.e letting agents

I am starting to get the feeling that letting agents have got it in for me as i have requested to view properties have been given dates but then been told they have already agreed lets for the properties but if this was the case and they had been given holding deposits for the properties would these not get taken down straight away and not be left on said sites. I am starting to get the feeling that renting is hard enough as it is without the letting agents blatantly lying and saying that they have already been agreed when clearly they havent has anyone else ever had this happen to them or is it purely just me i dont know what else to do i mean i have a guarantor who is willing to put there name to me renting and can even provide all the other documentation they require for the right to rent checks etc but i just feel like letting agents just have a one track mind and only offer to people who are willing to pay the most for a property rather than the asking price of the rent. Please if anyone can let me know if they havr had this same problem and how they overcome said problem if it ever arose again.

You need to view at first available opportunity of appointment.

Happens all the time. people unable to even view as already been let on first day.

You have to assume you are one of many (50 plus). It’s hard to stand out now for sure.

Someone may well be offering 6 months rent upfront.

I dont usually remove an ad from the listings until referencing is complete, but I do pause it.