Radiator valves

Who is responsible for putting a new tvrs on the radiator…my LL whats to charge me half the cost …50% of £100 …£50 why should i have to pay …

Landlords job. Price check with Toolstation

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Did you ask for them ? If not it’s not you responsibility .

Even if you did ask for them, a decent landlord should be willing to put them in at their cost. They are not exactly expensive things. It helps you and add value to the property. Letting potential tenants know you have things to help them manage their utility costs has to be a plus?


I wouldn’t do it. Providing tenants with sports cars is the start of a slippery slope…

TRVs on the other hand are not only waaaay cheaper than the £100 the LL’s claiming, but are entirely the LL’s responsibility to replace if they are faulty. Why does yours need replacing? What happened to it?

If there is a working bog-standard TVR and you want something a bit fancier then why not just buy your own, replace the LL’s with yours and then refit the LL’s when you leave and take yours with you?

If you requested this as a repair then its his cost 100%

in order for it to be habitable the radiators have to have workable controls. imagine situation where they were all set to off and the tvrs weren’t working. would not be habitable. they are £17 each.

Thankyou for all you replies …much appreciated…

Thank you, I’ve also not got working tvr’s … The landlord has painted over them and I didn’t know if it something they were meant to sort out.

Absolute nightmare this place, so many little things I never checked when looking around the place

tvr s are easy to replace they simply unthread . To paint them is plain stupid

Yes, you can buy tvr heads that unscrew so no plumbing work is required.