Boiler repairs, who should pay?

Hi, can someone advise please?

The combi boiler in my tenants flat is not working. According to the plumber, it’s full of iron fillings which gave accumulated even though the system is only 8byears old. The bill will come to a couple of hundred pound. Who is liable to pay: me or the tenant, or shared?

Thanks in anticipation.


Hi James, Sorry to hear this! Never nice to receive a large bill.

In general, any repairs to the structure or furnishings of the property that are not caused by damage inflicted by the tenant are the landlord’s responsibility to repair.

It sounds to me that you as the landlord have responsibility for repairing the boiler and sadly will need to pay for it.


It should have a magnetic filter . Landlord pays

Thanks very much guys.


I can’t imagine why you would think it could be the tenants’ responsibility. Yes, LL pays.


Yes, landlord pays. This is an opportunity for you to demonstrate you are a good landlord and build up trust and respect with your tenants. They will appreciate you getting stuff like this fixed quickly and without quibble. There are two major advantages that renting gives someone over owning a property, the first is insurance against major bills like boiler repairs and the second is flexibility to move elsewhere at short notice. The flip side of course is you are liable for major repairs, so I suggest setting aside about 10% of your rental income each month into a repairs fund so you are covered for eventualities such as boiler breakdowns.

Landlord pays. This is partly what the tenant pays rent for, to cover wear and tear on the house!

As a boiler tech myself I’d say £200 to fix this is a pretty good deal, although I’m not sure how ‘iron filings’ would ever get inside a combi boiler. He/she probably just means corrosion deposits. I suggest you check before booking him/her what happens if the £200 being charged fails to fix the problem…

I’m quite shocked you even think this could be a Tenant’s responsibility! Gees!! It’s up to you to keep the gas boiler in tip top shape!! I hope are doing regular services and landlord certification

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James its the Landlord’s responsibility Full Stop. Try and install magnaclean in your boiler

It’s down to you as the landlord

I think he has got the message now folks*