Random holding deposit payment?

I am using openrent for advertising only. However, openrent have advised that someone has placed a holding deposit through rent now. I do not use rent now or take holding deposits and have had no contact with this person. Has anyone come across this before? What’s going on?

tell them to give it back

The plot thickens. Openrent let me know about the rent now application by email. I could only access the application and associated messages through the link in the email. It turned out that the enquirer had been sending messages for two days but the messages were not being forwarded to me or appearing in my online portal. I messaged the applicant to explain that I didn’t use rent now or take holding deposits and that I could offer them a viewing. However, when I rejected the application, the link to the application went dead. I can’t find any other way of getting to the application or the associated messages so I suspect that even if the applicant responds, I will not have access to the messages! The system appears to be broken!

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