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I dont see how paying 3 to 6 months rent upfront is risky .I have had a few tenants do this and had no problems. I do not let it sway me in thinking they are a lesser risk just because they pay upfront

Ok here’s a scenario. A couple own a house for a year or so and split up, so sell up and split the equity. The female is not working and applies for universal credit. In order to get in a rental she offers the LL 3 months rent advance which the LL snaps up but she is now in the property. After 3 months and having spent most of her cash reserve and on UC she tops up with some remaining cash reserve for the next month. She then defaults on her rent because the UC doesn’t cover it. The LL cannot evict for 6 months, but after receiving notice she pays a significant shortfall in rent for a couple of months to show willing and that she has made an attempt to pay knowing she is going to court to be evicted and take her chances that this will be viewed favorably. Good luck if you want to continue going down that route but I caution you that advance rent payment whilst considered risk free is actually a way in for some that can’t afford to continue paying the rent when that money runs out and then you can’t evict them for months if they don’t pay the rent. Your call.

sounds as if you had it happen to you. I have been .renting out for 40 years. and never has that happened with a 6 month payer… The 6 month rule has only just come in so we all need to be more carefull in choice .The same scenario could happen with a one month payer, no eviction for 6 months. … i dont take UC applicants… PS a carefull enough check has not been done on the female, in the case you quote, there could not have been enough equity in the house or she would not have got anyrent money in the UC payment .

No it hasn’t happened to me and I have taken advance rent from someone following their house sale but I wouldn’t do it again ! She lost her job shortly after I took her on (with two children).
So her credit checks and references stacked up but led to a complex financial situation involving irregular child support payments from her ex, and UC and without a guarantor. I was fortunate because as a precaution I had limited the AST contract to 6 months at the time. By the way, in the previous scenario, if she had used the bulk of her equity on her advanced rent payment to her LL then it would not feature in her UC application which would also take 6 weeks to come through. So I think you may have rather missed the point.

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you are right i dont see any point … Its always worked for me… . If a tenant gets into difficulty and wants to leave early i let them… in 40 years I have lost very little in rent money and made a lot of money from renting,. some of my tenants have been with me for more than 20 years… their rent has more than paid for the properties, the key is good vetting of the tenant in the first place and not being swayed by a lump sum up front . of course that comes with experience as a landlord (40 years). I also have worked as a builder for 50 years always in peoples homes so have learnt to “read” people and know when I am being lied to, that helps in choosing tenants( or my building customers)


That’s 3 times you’ve mentioned you have 40 years experience which assumes you have more experience than others. This site is supposed to help both tenants and LL avoid pitfalls which is what I’m trying to do by having International experience as a LL. All I can say is I hope we continue to avoid those pitfalls in the choices you, me and others make. Good luck.

Hi Collin
I have not got experience like yours but in London
I had tenants who were international students and because did not have UK guarantor, every 6months rent was paid for 2 yrs.
Also I had another student like that too and she was really nice too and one thing I learnt from her was how to cut pineapple.
They were my best tenants.

Also I had bad experience of professional tenants.
From my 13yrs experience I had one bad tenant every 3yrs. But from now I on I am very careful.
Even I have noticed some good professional tenants do lie at the end of tenancy and ruin their respect and my trust but I do take as a lesson.

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Hi Prafula. you have spoken wisely. Often the tenants who we think may be a bit of a bother turn out to be the best… Just because someone is a “professional” does not make them a good bet .I have some great tenants who have humble, but essential jobs and they are great tenants. Two of them have been with me for more than 20 years. People can always surprise us.


Sounds as though you need to speak to someone who can help you manage your budget better.

If you’re earning well above the rent but your CC is always Max’d, there are payment issues you need to pull your reigns in. Create some reserves and drop down a gear in life style until matters signicantly improve. Best way to show any landlord you are responsible. Just saying!

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I am not sure where I said my credit card is always maxed out, in fact I’m sure I said it was a blip in 2016.
I manage my “budget” quite fine thank you and I passed my reference checks.

Have a good day.

Right at the very top of this post

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2016,… all my issue were in 2016 and I came here to find out if it would affect my renting.