References, a 2 way process

I usually ask landlords to be able to contact their past/ current tenants for references,
I don’t see why this shouldn’t be the norm, they ask references about tenants so it’s logical to do the same. Just a thought for the community here …
The more people ask the more chances it becomes a common practice and we can avoid nightmare landlord and places …
I usually ask this in a nice and polite way as for me it seems quite reasonable to be able to ask the last tenant their opinion, conditions of the place, Communication etc


I find that the tenants who ask the most questions are also the most conscientious.

Where possible i encourage that they speak with the current tenant and during viewings will leave them alone to talk.

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In my case, I’d be perfectly happy to do that. Sadly, I think it’s pointless though as it won’t prove anything.

Any dodgy LL would happily agree to this and either fake it themselves or just ask a mate to pretend to be a really happy former tenant. How would you know that the person was actually a former (or even existing) tenant? Faking an old AST is super easy.

By the way, former tenants would have to give their permission to be contacted in this way and some would not want to for totally genuine reasons. Also, a decent LL could have had a former tenant who was a nightmare through no fault of their own.

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of course, but it’s a two way street
It’s not about proving anything, it´s about honesty and trust
there are nightmare landlords with fake references, and nightmare tenants with fake ref.
I would rather believe that people are genuine and good first, plus of course there are also ways to double check …

am happy we agree on one thing…
and glad to hear because I am one who asks (bit too much maybe?) lots of questions and also give a lot of info.

I usually say " i own that one and that one feel free to ask them what sort of landlord i am ."


Jazzys, have you had a bad experience with a landlord yourself?

much, much harder for tenants to fake all the paperwork and personal contacts required before I offer them a tenancy

well the idea is that no one should fake in the first place!

Very much so unfortunately…

I see no problem with asking questions of the outgoing tenant although as someone mentioned in a previous post there is an issue with GDPR if contacting tenants who have long gone.

Sorry to hear that. I hope you wont let it sour your view of the private rented sector or landlords in general. There is still lots of very good and caring practice out there.

If you want to share your story, there’s a space here.


I completely agree with this, I’ve spoken to my neighbours and the damp problem and broken guttering has been like that for years.

I’ve had to run a dehumidifier in my bedroom and i have damp musty clothes all the time. And this has been a known problem and not fixed for years