References for Tenant

Dear Anne,

Thank you very much for your message and the information, it is very helpful.
Do we have a member of the NRLA in the group? Many apologies for these silly questions, do they give us advices and support us if it comes to the worse like court

Thank you so much Anne.

Much appreciated


Does anyone know if it is too late to ask OpenRent to do the referencing of my tenants are already moved in? I may need this for my landlord insurance.

Thank you all for your help

I am in the NRLA they give good telephone advice under all circumstances

Hi Sung - take a look at their website and see if it is something you would benefit from. You have to pay to be a member but there are all sorts of benefits. Good luck.

Think Colin has said before that you can deduct cost from your tax bill?

any membership fees as a landlord are tax deductible

Dear Colin3,

Thank you for your email and the information, do you know how I can join the NRLA? How much is the fee and do I need to make sure to renew it annually?
Thank you
Best wishes

Dear Anne1,

Thank you for your reply and the Link, really appreciate your help.
Thank you and best wishes

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Hi I cant remember the fee but if you Google in NRLA it will give you all the info. Before Covid there would be regular meetings free to update us on everything , Now by email and webinair Renew annually

Dear Colin3,
Thank you very much for your message and the information. I will have a read and joint, as I am very new and without experience, this will

Be a good source for information and support.

Many thanks
Best wishes

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Thank you for all responses.

The dreaded request for a reference has arrived.
Questions are very specific.

  1. if there was damage, which there is and they are refusing to accept this. It’s the dishonesty in dodging it, which is more what got me.
  2. Would I rent to them again which I definitely wouldn’t.

Or do I ignore the request?

Thank you in advance.

Is this the place up for auction? Did it sell?

Hi Colin.

I tried replying via DM but don’t know if it’s sent.
Auction is tomorrow so will let you know what happens!

It’s the tenant we have in there at the moment. Whether or not the place sells we want her gone.

Not a pleasant person but she’s at least applied to some other poor unsuspecting sod to rent what they have advertised.

I suppose I could ignore it the reference request. Surely I won’t be the first and the agency/landlord can make up their own minds without my input?

I looked at my two e mail places but nothing yet. . Best ignore it… the request .Tho a landlord may read a lot into that… I have never been in the position of having to give a bad reference so it must be difficult

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Thank you Colin.

Yes it is difficult. Maybe she would behave differently with someone else though. Who knows?

Hi Colin,

We sold today at auction so will be on our merry way soon. Another 275 mile drive through the night to check them out and back again but it has to be done. It hasn’t helped not being in the vicinity.

Hullo MrT .that is very good news. It must be a relief… You do need to be near a property that you rent out. I live 50 miles away from my places and thats a pain sometimes , but at least I can check on them all in one day. You dont need the hassle tho do you?

mR T a little message keeps coming up in the corner of my laptop saying you have sent a personal message but i cannot find it in my private mailbox

Think an hour is long enough. I’ve just come back from a week up there one final effort again soon and hopefully that will be it then. When one door closes another one opens!

It’s really weird as I was trying to send a DM as I got a message saying I was replying too much to you and it invited me to reply personally but then didn’t seem to show.
It did that yesterday too as I didn’t want to put details up in public forum.