References / Pay slips


Me and my boyfriend are looking at moving out, we have a viewing next week on a flat in the area we are interested in.

I asked the company today if we were to say yes next week how quick do things then move - they said about 2 weeks as they will have to gain a reference from our employers.

I know my reference will be fine as I’ve been at my job for 3 years and I’m on a salary enough to cover the rent myself.

However my boyfriend has recently left Uni, he gave up his old part time job in January to focus on the last few months at Uni and then has recently started back at the same company doing full time however he is classed as ‘freelance’.

So he is paid weekly and he has about 5 or 6 payslips to offer up. Will this be ok? Or will they be funny about it?

He will most likely be able to offer a parent guarantee. And we already have a deposit and first months rent ready to put down.

Just worrying now that this may put us down in their expectation?

Any advice would be appreciated

thank you!

parent guarantee is the way to go I have just done this for 2 of my tenants


I would have thought there would be no problem so long as one tenant has the ability to pay the rent in full. I have a lovely retired couple - he is on a good pension and can pay the rent in full, and she has no income to speak of. There was no problem with them and nor has there been since they moved in nearly two years ago. A guarantor always helps in these circumstances though.