Referencing and failing


Im a new landlord and have a couple of issues:
Tenants would be a boy and a girl. The girl’s guarantor failed as she didnt have tax returns as the lady’s mum recently passed away so she’s exempt.
The boy also failed due to insufficient funds at the moment because he has transitioned from a job and will be earning higher than his payslips are showing from September.
They want to rent from 2nd sep so i cant wait for payslips either.

Please advise me on what i should do!



Thats their problem if they want to rent from 2nd Sept, do not shortcut your criteria you may live to regret it.
Better an empty property for a few weeks than a tenanted property with no rent.
Ensure they both have a guarantor.


Reject them. Obviously.

I first get the contract from tenants and then write to the employer directly stating this is what they have provided can u confirm? if no crime history and he earns sufficient enough to cover costs you ask both to give main bank statements to c what their spending is like, these days open banking checks are easy to confirm authencity. if all good may do 6 month contract but check every 3 months. I recently had a couple earning 90000 year but had so much spending with even just one toddler, I did not accept them because I could sense they are chaotic and cannot sustain long


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