Referencing for rental property

Hi, I can’t seem to get hold of anyone in the team. I am currently undergoing referencing with open rent to rent a property and you keep sending reminders that you need my employment reference they actually sent this over to you on Thursday 24th August 23. Can’t you please check this. Thank you

Hi @Sharon34 , we’re having the same issue. Did this get resolved for you?

I can see this was completed on the 1st September - so was seems like it was resolved a while back.

On your reference @Carla, I can see it is complete. You are currently awaiting your guarantor reference to complete, which is waiting on their employer reference. We have sent explicit guidance to both their employer and your guarantor on how to proceed, which either party can follow. I note that no phone number was supplied for the employer, so we can only chase them via email. Your guarantor has the option to amend their referee (supply a number / different email address etc) also.

Your prospective landlord has already been sent a preliminary report with all the other information, so if they are waiting on this employer reference, then the best advice is to have your guarantor speak to their employer to get this completed ASAP.

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