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Hi everyone,
I am in the middle of a reference check process as a guarantor. My company received the email from Open Rent but unfortunately, they do not fill external forms and they generate a letter in their own template. The letter was sent to this email address: Employementreferee_donotreply open rent .
I would like to know if there is another email address I can send the letter and how could I inform open rent to review it to confirm my employment.

This seems to have become common practice amongst companies now and I’m surprised at how slow Openrent have been in responding to the trend.

I agree, I work for a very big organisation, so I’m sure there are many employees that are currently renting through Open Rent and that they went through this same issue. I’m a bit desperate because the gap window to provide the reference is coming to an end and I still don’t know how to send the reference. Hope they come back to me with an alternative soon.

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Hi Daniel,

I can see that our support team has now been in touch to confirm that your reference has been received and processed.

Kind regards,

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Thanks Lea,
Yes I was able to solve this issue. Many thanks for your support !

Hi @Daniel_Arturo,

I’m now facing exactly the same case as yours. How you get it solved? Your company willing to fill in the online form, or OpenRent handle it as an exceptional case?

Hi Nicole! Yes, this is very annoying and my company never agreed to use the Open Rent form, so open rent made an exception and accepted the letter sent my employer, but whatever your company is willing to provide has to be sent directly by them, and not by you. Also, this document has to be sent from the HR email you provided to Open Rent, so make sure you are giving the right email address. I provided the HR email instead of the reference check email of my company and it took me more time to get this sorted.
Good luck !

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Hi @Daniel_Arturo, thanks for your advice :slightly_smiling_face:

I will communicate with HR to explain the case. Hope to get this passed :face_exhaling:

Wish you good luck! Otherwise try with open rent, they were able to help me

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