Referencing for sharers to qualify for Rent Guarantee Insurance

I am considering renting a property that I advertised with openrent to 4 Ukrainians. 2 Couples whome 2 of which are siblings that will share the property and rent. They all have residence permits and have passed the online ‘right to rent’ procedure as well as been fully employed for at least the last 6 months. I also want to get ‘Rent Guarantee Insurance’ so I am guessing I will have to get all 4 of them the comprehensive referencing to apply for that

My quesition is, When I choose the ‘comprehensive referencing’ option and add all 4 of them as tenants does the procedure calculate there ability to pay the rent based on all 4 of their incomes?

Many thanks

Yes, the referencing will assume that they pay one quarter of the rent each.

If you are certain that two of them are siblings then they would count as one family, (household) and it would not be an HMO. Ask for evidence of this to protect yourself.

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Thanks for confiming that David, I can go ahead with the referencing now.