Rent guarantee insurance, husband passes referencing, wife not

Dear all,

Our potential tenant is a family of 4; the husband has passed the referencing, e.g. credit check, employer reference and landlord reference; however the wife has a CCJ and has thus failed the referencing check.

Interestingly, the income of the husband alone is sufficient to pass all the criteria to be the sole tenant responsible for the rental.

I understand in general all rent guarantee insurance programs requires tenants to pass referencing; in this case, because the male tenant alone as a sole tenant already has more than enough income to pass his side of the checks; would I still be eligible to purchase these rent guarantee insurance?

Does it make a difference in terms of our eligibility to purchase rent guarantee insurance whether or not we put the female tenant on the rental agreement?


you do not need to put her name on the tenancy As a wife she has the right to stay even if the relationship ends. Do you know what the ccj was for?

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In this time I would go for two that can actually pass , what if the husband goes off and will she be able to pay ?

If she wasnt a named tenant, the landlord couldnt accept rent from her.

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