Referencing refunds

How long does refunds for the referencing take.
We had 3 ongoing reference checks through openrent and rentguard yet when all the applicants received the application from rentguard it was a nightmare. One application kept kicking out and restarting and the other 2 couldn’t upload payslips which resulted in us asking for a refund

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your post, and welcome to the OpenRent community!

I’m sorry to hear of the difficulties with referencing - the referencing application can usually be completed online by tenants, but our referencing partner is on hand to help in case of any issues. For example, if a tenant is unable to upload payslips via the website, they can email these across instead.

If the referencing is still ongoing, then you can cancel via the website and we’ll automatically issue a refund if the reference is not yet chargeable.

This is available by selecting ‘Manage’, then ‘Property Services’. From the left-hand menu select ‘View References’.

If you already cancelled, then a refund will typically take 3-5 working days to show in your account - this is an aspect of how card refunds work and not specific to OpenRent. We’ll email where a refund has been issued, confirming the details.

We can’t check individual account details via the Community, so if you’re unclear and want the team to check your account, just send a message using the ‘Need Help’ box from any page of the website.


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