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First time using Open Rent to carry out check

I’m using Open Rent first time, found a tenant paid for a comprehensive check. I want to know if I’ll be able to see all the checking docs

Also, I don’t want to be negative I’m a bit disappointed it is seems everything Open Rent does is by email I got a different idea when I paid for these services.

Does anyone felt like me before? Can someone help me with the process?

Hi Marta, here’s a full list of what is included in comprehensive referencing. There is lots more information about referencing on our Help Centre, and I’m sure many of your questions will be answered there.

OpenRent uses text, email and calls to communicate with landlords, but most of the time email is the best option. If you email our team at then you will always receive a reply within one working day. We’ve created over 500,000 tenancies and our services are well attuned to giving landlords what they need with as little friction as possible, but do email our team if you’d like direct support.

Thanks, Sam

this was what I paid, my point is once everything started how do I manage the process? I’ll be able to see documents tenant has submitted. I could not find a video explaining the process as I am a new user. The only video available was about Rent Now.

Hi Marta,

The process will involve our referencing partner Rentguard reaching out to the tenant, their employers and previous landlords, and getting the required information from those people.

Once the reference is complete, you will be notified by email and sent a copy of the final report.

For enquiries about in-progress referencing, you should call Rentguard directly on 01227 467 250.

You can also view the status of any ongoing references from your OpenRent account.

If you have any further questions, feel free to email us at :slight_smile:

Hi Marta
The answer is: you won’t see any of the referencing reports and it isn’t thorough, not by a long chalk. There is no application process for the tenant to complete. It justs asks who their employer is and they give up if there’s no response. The check I paid for (one and only) revealed tenant had 2 CCJs which they didn’t declare to me nor were they asked about on an application form (because there isn’t one!) I wouldn’t have bothered paying for this because even though Rentguard said I could overcome the issue with a guarantor, that would have been incompatible with my landlord insurance. Rentguard want to sell you their rent guarantee insurance… without you seeing the ts and cs.

There is no point in taking up Rentguard’s referencing. As stated you see nothing behind it and they gave up on the employers of the two I sent through because they didn’t reply! No confirmation of tenant’s work status or income - what good is that?

If you took up Rentguard’s referencing and then down the track wanted to renew RGI insurance with another provider, you’d have to pay all over again as the Rentguard referencing doesn’t satisfy any other insurer’s conditions for it. On that basis, you can see why I am saying their referencing criteria is very skimpy, very short on detail and no, what they check - if at all - isn’t available for you to see.

Thorough referencing is available at NRLA at an inexpensive cost and also with Alan Boswell who can provide RGI at a favourable rate if you have or take out your landlord building & contents insurance with them.

Thanks for posting this question. I found out the hard way and wasted 3 lots of referencing costs with Rentguard in September on tenants I NEVER would have given keys to. Don’t make the same mistake!


That wasn’t my recent experience (and the tenants said the process changed from past applications).
there is a lenghy form for them to complete, inlcuding bank details so RG can check money in and out through openbanking APIs. So I could see their past rent payment details and income.

not sure what other blind spots there are though

Thanks so much for explaining so far I found checking process is very robust but the leads generation is not quite what they have advertised. I’ve reduced price from my property but since that no much leads and it is over 4 weeks

Hi there

It does usually go quiet at this time of the year however, I have in the past re-let a property in the days before Christmas to people who were relocating to England for new jobs in the new year. As this year isn’t typical, I’d stick with it.

What I would do if I were you: suspend your advert on OpenRent, for say, 24 hours. Then re-list it. What that will do is trigger an alert to everyone on the main portals who have requested such for new property listings. New people join waiting lists every day. There is probably a whole crop of people looking today that weren’t on any list at all 4 weeks ago!

Relist. Wait a week. Keep checking your price compatibility and what competition is out there for your property. Know your property’s EPC inside out! If no joy after a week, suspend the ad again.

Realistically the market will likely dry up the closer it gets to Christmas. However, January can be a busy month. People who don’t survive the holidays in their current format will be eager to find their new pasture so stay on with the advert and relist as necessary. Good luck. Hope this helps!

I’ve recently gone through the tenant referencing process , and I can concur it was a lengthy process and asked a lot of questions.

that is because the landlord is entrusting tens of thousands of pounds worth of property to a stranger. In my 40 years of experience 75% of tenants tell lies

Blimey, thats a tad harsh!

Btw I wasn’t complaining about the referencing process, as we got through viewing the house, getting the referencing completed and paying everything within 5 days.

I should have said POTENTIAL tenants tell lies

A fair point Colin.

There is good and bad on both sides. I recently had the landlord from hell, but I totally get that us tenants can be an absolute mare at times.

Thanks, Kazz I might be considering to stop Ad for a week, saying that we had our ad stopped during a tenant checking process for about 9 days but due didn’t pass I put back in last week and remains the same no leads and my property is showing on 3rd page on Rightmove and Zoopla.

Stopping and starting ads wont get you to top of rightmove page by date. To do that you need to reduce rent by 2% or more

Thanks, I’ve already reduced rent cost but no much difference made