Regarding a property I just tried to rent with pets accepted via arrangement stated on the ad

I emailed the landlord regarding the property in question l answered all of his questions and didn’t get a response from him on his decision! So this morning I tried to arrange a viewing then l got a response that I didn’t expect.

He replied we wouldn’t be able to proceed due to the pets and l told him what l had on Tuesday evening and he could have told me that then the advertisement did not state no pet’s and the word pets is plural so now l am still sitting here in a home :house_with_garden: that is not fit for purpose as it is dangerous to health and wellbeing.

And to add extra insult injury, he was quick enough to say access denied, but when he was asked as to the reason why, as we couldn’t understand what the reason was behind this decision and as of yet, he has completely ignored the latest message that was sent to him directly after his decision.

We do not have a bath as it is coming away from the wall (the sound of the creaking it makes when you are attempting to get out of said bath is reminiscent of the Titanic splitting in half :passenger_ship:), there is no :shower: the bathroom is full of black damp and mould which is all rooms in the house :house_with_garden:!

We have no cooker as we cannot replace and install it as it is gas; the walls are crumbling the draft and cold is horrendous because of this all of the seals have worn out in the windows and doors and cowboy workmen broke the kitchen sink by pulling it away from the wall there is much more wrong with the home :house_with_garden:!

lt is suffering from horrendous wet brick which is not our fault! We have two little Shih-poo dogs that we have had since they were eight weeks old they are now six why should we have to give them up; we also have three tiny guinea :pig_nose:s who live in the one enclosure and four mini lop :rabbit:s that live outside and none of these pets have damaged this house :house_with_garden:!

The wet brick has done all of damage! We as a family got really excited about the possibility of being out of this hell :hole: in a few days and instead our first attempt with open rent turned into a disaster and today we still have no where decent to live!

With estate agents it is more than difficult to find lets with pets so we found that property and we at least had some hope because of what the advisement stated!

We have no landlord as it has had two different landlords in a few weeks of each other!

It got sold at auction because the second landlord didn’t want to do the repairs and the latest landlord, who purchased the property, refused to give out his details as he didn’t want it either so he is trying to pull out of the sale as we speak! We cannot live like this anymore it is too much.

It wasn’t us or the family pets that did any of the stated damage; it was the fact that the smallest of jobs got ignored as they started occurring by the first landlord of whom we were tenants with from 2003 until 2019 all we want is to live happy :blush: as a family with our pets and we cannot do that here!

If any landlords happen to read this and you feel you be able to help us we would be very grateful and relieved. We are looking to live within a 30 minute radius to get to Queenscroft High School in Lichfield and we are looking for a 3-4 bed semi-detached (or attached or end terrace) property for the maximum price of £695pcm