Rejected Tenant tries to put another holding deposit down on my property

I refused a tenant and his partner because of affordability and WhatsApp constant harassment to rent my house.
Yesterday I cancelled his application due to my gut instincts and advice from this chat (thanks very much for all your replies on the matter)
I think I made a mistake because I thought I cancelled the holding deposit from my side but I seem to have not and the Bulgarian man has gone back in tonight and put a holding deposit of £10 and changed my rental income from 2400 to £100 and then got this message from him
Hi Jenna,
Now I show you with this deposit how I felt when he offered me a 6 month contract. I really hope you feel the same way I did. I wish you a wonderful evening!!!

I have cancelled the holding deposit and blocked him from any further communication via open rent and I’ve paused my property on the open rent site at least for this evening because of my concerns. I’m worried he may try something else and I’m concerned because I’ve never delt with any potential tenants like this before.
I’m not sure if I should call the police or leave it.
Any advice would be greatly received.
Thanks very much

Do you meanhe changed the rent on your advert from £2400 to £100 ?

Ignore, he will fade away and forget

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Have you informed OR about it?


Hi yes I’ve sent them an email and I’ve block this guy from being able to contact me again.
I’m concerned as the property is empty at the moment and left the property in Sunday to go home for the week before a new carpet is fitted.