Relaxed Eviction Rules for England from 1st August 2021

Originally published at: Relaxed Eviction Rules for England from 1st August 2021 | OpenRent Landlord Hub

Coronavirus restrictions put in place by the government made it much more difficult for landlords to evict tenants. But from 1st August 2021, in England, the notice period for evicting tenants in cases where there are fewer than 4 months of unpaid rent will reduce to 2 months’ notice. Notice periods for the most serious…

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I have served notice in July on a 4 month notice period. With the new rules does this mean I can serve another notice giving 2 months notice?

Yes, I believe you can

My tenant has not been paying rent since November 2020 until now. Section 8 and section 21 have been served. We have also filed for court proceedings via the solicitors. The tenant is blatantly abusing the current situation and regulation to stay rent free.

What are the chances of accelerating the court proceedings and obtain an eviction notice quickly? In desperate need of any sort of advice.

Little chance I’m afraid.

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