Tenant wants to end tenancy earlier - How the 3-month notice (COVID rules) apply to tenants


I am on a 1-year tenancy agreement, which will finish on February.
Under normal conditions my tenants should give me a 2-month notice.
Does the new COVID rules apply to tenants too, so they have to give me a 3-month notice?

I am confused…


The covid rules that I think you’re referring to only apply to landlords. Tenants notice is still the same. However, the length of the notice depends on the type of tenancy and where they are in the tenancy. If they are in the fixed term, then the tenants can’t serve a valid notice. When the fixed term ends, if it becomes a Statutory Periodic Tenancy, then a valid tenants notice would be a minimum of one month, but ending on the last day of a tenancy period. If the tenancy becomes a Contractual Periodic Tenancy, then the notice period is specified in the tenancy agreement.