Rent advance payments (2 months) and account history shown


How are rent advance payments, in this case 2 months, processed at OpenRent and paid to the Landlord? I have put this through so that OpenRent take this all on my behalf, a long with the deposit. Is the 2 months advance payment paid to the landlord after the 7-14 days when the tenant moves in?

How can you see on the account history that the tenant has paid these advance payments? In my history it is highlighting some payments as green and red? One monthly payment is showing as green but the other one monthly payment required is showing as red? And then it is also showing a further 3rd month as red? No idea what is going on. It’s not very clear, and I have tried to ask OpenRent to contact me as I’m sure a phone call of 2 mins would clear this up but they seem to keep ignoring me, or emailing me even though I’m asking for a phone call!

Any help to clear this up would be welcomed!



no doubt they will answer you tomorrow

Hi Wesley,


Don’t worry about the colours at the mo. You’ll be emailed when the balance owed for rent and deposit is paid. The red periods you can see are just ones for which rent is owed until the payment is made, then they turn green.

Some more info here:

We’re looking into how to make this more intuitively readable. If rent collection is causing you any trouble, you can easily disable it using the Disable Rent Collection button.