Rent discount for faulty appliance

Good man .Give it a try. I have tenants who have been there 20 years and in that time have replaced their own cookers 3 times.We have enough to comply with …maintenance, smokies,emergency lights ,landlord tax (disguised as registration). boiler checks, deposit protection, LNA meetings, why add an extra layer? Stay happy Andrew

They are testing you to see how much they can get away with. Provided you have made every effort to resolve the issue as fast as possible then no compensation should be awarded. I had a similar issue with a boiler but the heating engineer had difficulty coordinating access with the tenants and the installation dragged on a bit. Then the tenants started hinting I should compensate to which I refused as that would set a president for any future issues. My advice is be strong and don’t give in to demands or you will never stop paying out !

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25% of the daily rate should be reasonable.

I think the tenants are being very cheeky and trying it on. I think they can easily get by without a hob when they have everything else to cook with. 15% of the rent is super generous I do hope you haven’t set a precedent, as bad tenants have been known to do deliberately damage.
As long as you have tried everything to get the hob fixed ASAP, apologised, kept them informed and given a goodwill gesture - perhaps the price of a takeaway or a few bottles of wine, then you have been an excellent landlord.
I also agree with Colin3 I don’t provide white goods, it’s far too much hassle and anyone who cannot afford to buy them would be pushed to find the rent.

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I am looking to rent in the future for somewhere , i see your point of view, personally when i rent i feel like the basic kitchen stuff like oven and fridges should be supplied innitially but what Im going to say to the landlord is that if any break ill pay and replace the broken stuff as id feel partially responsible for it breaking due to me using it , i dont know if thats fair or a good way to go but i see your point why should you pay for white goods but i guess you can ask for more if they are included?