Rent guard x open rent

I started a referencing for a house with my cousin and son. My cousin references were ready in 2 days and mine is ready since 7 july and rentguard and openrent have not updated the page and even the Landlord is waiting to proceed with the contract. Is now nearly 1 week and nobody update Us. Rent guard claims they finished referencing last tuesday 7 july and I have to contact openrent. I sent messages to open rent and no contact has been made. The landlord was not updated until Saturday that we were ready with the references.
There is a fail in communication between rentguard and openrent. Nothing can be done until the site is updated and contract can be signed. We agreed to move on the 15th and until now nothing has been changed on my “tenancy page”. Can openrent call me to updated and contact the landlord who is also chasing to approve the letting and sign the contract.

Hi Nilvana,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I can see that this tenancy has now been finalised.

Please get in touch at if you require any further assistance.

Kind regards,