Referencing via Rent4Sure question

This is my first use of Open Rent and I have found tenants that are currently in the referencing phase, via Open Rent (Rent4Sure). The tenants have spoken to Rent4Sure who say they are waiting to be emailed reference forms from the Landlord (me!) or Open Rent. I am not sure what these forms are. In the Open Rent dashboard, the status is “Comprehensive Reference In Progress” and under progress it says " “Latest Update: - To be contacted for full referencing information”

What information would Rent4Sure need? and is something that Open Rent will sortout automatically or will I need to contact them?

Who are Rent4Sure?
I thought Openrent used Rentguard?

Hi Joel,

Thanks for your message.

I can see that you have contacted the team regarding this and we have been able to resolve this for you. Any further questions just let us know on

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