Rent Increase - Tenant not responding

Hi all, Need help please. After five years I decided to increase the rent of my tenant. I spoke to him over the phone and he didn’t seem too happy. I gave him two weeks to think about it and let me know.

He has not been in touch I tried to contact him but not answering. The tenancy expires in a week what should I do.

Thanks for your help

When the fixed term expires, the tenancy will just continue on a periodic basis, usually month to month, so you dont need to worry there. In fact its generally better for the landlord this way.

Do you have a rent review clause in your tenancy agreement? If so then you must follow it. If not, then I suggest you serve a section 13 notice to legally demand a rent increase. If the tenant still didnt pay then I would evict.


Never knew about a section 13 notice thats interesting. i normally quote RPI or cost of living or local rent increases to justify the increase and rarely if ever contested. sometimes they bitch and i give them a bit back.
If you really want to talk to the tenant advise you need to check something give a couple of days notice and say you will be round within a 2 hr time slot unless you hear to the contrary. if tenants ghost you you just need to raise the heat a little no good keep doing the same thing