Rent Now duplicate holding deposit?

I want to use RN but have already requested the holding deposit separately. This is included in the RN service so I’m not sure how this will be handled. Can anybody advise?

Hi Matt, the quickest way may be to refund the holding deposit to the tenant and then ask the tenant to pay it again via pressing the Rent Now button on your advert on our site.

Paying the holding deposit is the first step of using Rent Now, and initiates to process, so unfortunately it cannot be skipped.

The tenants may be happy to know that when they pay the HD via the Rent Now button, it is held by OpenRent and therefore they may feel it is more ‘protected’ than simply paying directly to the landlord.

If you’re unhappy with this plan for any reason, then you can email our team at and they should be able to offer more detailed advice.

Best wishes,